Privacy notice

CONEXRED S.A.S., is located in the city of Bogota at Calle 100 No. 19 - 61 Story 9, will act as the Data Controller responsible of your personal data, which will be treated according to the policies and procedures designed to protect the confidentiality of the information to make a proper use of it. The data provided by you are stored in CONEXRED S.A.S.´ servers, where they are duly guarded through the use of information security tools reasonably accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures, among others. All these tools are to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to stored personal data.

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Headquarters Address: Calle 100 No. 19 - 61 Piso 9. City: Bogotá D.C., Colombia. Telephone: 313 5559768 in the rest of the country E-mail:

Personal data will be collected, stored, used or deleted in a database in charge of CONEXRED S.A.S, in order to develop its corporate purpose. You have the right to know, update, rectify and delete the personal data of which you are the owner, through the procedures established in Law 1581/2012 (Law on Protection of Personal Data) and if at any time you are asked questions about sensitive data, you may determine whether or not to answer such questions, as the disclosure of this information is voluntary. Likewise, you may revoke the authorization for storage and use of your personal data in the events provided by law, provided that there is no relationship with CONEXRED S.A.S.

To exercise this right you can do so through the following channels:

CONEXRED S.A.S makes available to their users all the Information Processing Policy which establishes the principles under which the request, management, custody and use of your personal data will be carried out, which may be seen at and in the event of any substantial modification of it, this will be made known through the company's website, email and/or administrative portal. The authorization provided makes the access of the information available to whoever represents the rights of CONEXRED SAS, to whom he hires to exercise them or to whom he assigns his rights, his obligations or his contractual position to any title, in relation to the information of the affiliated service point, as well as the execution of the contract (s) that have been signed. Likewise, to third parties with whom CONEXRED S.A.S establishes commercial alliances, or service provision contracts from which the products or services that can be provided from the affiliated service point.