You must request the payment slip and invoice if it applies. With this information you should check if the transaction does not show any typing error (wrong reference, wrong agreement, wrong value). If the information is correct, you should ask the user to address his request directly to the bank since they are the ones who should check why the payment was not applied in a timely manner.

If, on the other hand, you identify that there was an error in the transaction, you must fill out the following form:
take into account the transaction ID or authorization code since with this number you can request a status report of your transaction through <>.

Please note:

● For cases where the originator of the error is the POS or cashier the response time is 20 to 40 days and no refunds are guaranteed, if there is no response to this agreement after this time, the corresponding case will be closed.
● If your bill has exceeded these valid times, the claim is not valid anymore.
● Public service agreements, administrations, schools and universities – 3 months.
● Other agreements – 5 months Taxes – 1 year